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The Institute of Competition Sciences specializes in achieving workforce development and recruitment goals through innovative student competitions.

We help organizations connect with a highly-skilled, highly-motivated, and highly-trained network of students by creating educational competitions uniquely suited to each client’s recruitment and workforce development goals. Through custom-designed student competitions, you can connect with top young talent while also enhancing your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. You will also help increase the number of students interested in pursuing college and career opportunities in your field through fun, but challenging competitions.

Get access to a network of highly motivated and skilled students to expand your recruitment efforts.

Use custom designed student competitions to tailor your recruiting and hiring processes to specific goals.

Encourage students around the world to consider college and career opportunities in your field.

Increase the quality and quantity of applicants to your college or career opportunities through engaging competitions.

Why Educational Competitions?

Student competitions are an incredible way to achieve education, community engagement, marketing, recruitment, DEI, and workforce development goals all with one program. They inspire and engage students of all ages in topics tailored to your organization’s needs. When designed with best practices in mind, student competitions not only help engage students, but also inspire new ideas, develop critical thinking skills, and strengthen community engagement. ICS is the world leader in understanding best practices in student competition design to help meet your organization’s needs.

What We Offer:


Not sure where to start with creating student competitions? ICS will help you understand your options and identify the best path forward to achieve your goals. Our free consultations will walk through the various types of competitions and ways to maximize your engagement.

Competition Design & Management

ICS designs and manages all aspects of student competitions for our clients. We help you identify a competition structure and create an operations & marketing plan, competition rules, and a program timeline. We support all aspects of competition management from student recruitment to judging and awards ceremonies.

Marketing Opportunities

If you aren't ready to dive into a competition of your own, ICS offers sponsorship and marketing plans to help you connect directly to the innovative young leaders in our network. Organizations work with ICS to promote their college or career opportunities through our existing platform of educational competitions reaching hundreds of thousands of students a year.

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